Top 5 destinations in Corsica

Corsica, also known as Ile de Beauté.

Corsica, also known as Ile de Beauté (island of beauty) is an island located in the Mediterranean Sea, between the Italian coast and the French Riviera. The island that belongs to France has a mountainous landscape, picturesque towns and villages, many ports and beautiful bays ideal for a luxurious, sporty or quiet holiday.



This medieval city in the South of the island is imposing white chalk cliffs, at an altitude of 64 metres above sea level. Not surprising, that this is the most visited place of Corsica. In Bonifacio, you can find many picturesque streets with shops. Bonifacio has, like most Corsican cities, a lower and an upper town. Below is the sheltered Harbour surrounded by entertainment and souvenir shops. Points of interest such as buildings and churches are mainly located in the old upper town. “The surprise of our holiday in Corsica. This is in our top 10 of most beautiful places on earth. Beautiful old city high enclosed by turquoise sea and fjord. Narrow streets with cosy shops, terraces and beautiful old buildings (such as various churches, the citadel itself and the steps of King Aragon.” Prima vakantie have been offering quality Corsica villa holidays.



Calvi is a port city located on the centuries-old citadel those with winding paths leads up and from where you have a magnificent view. On the road to the nearby town of Calvi is located a modern section full of campsites, hotels, apartments, beaches and entertainment options such as restaurants, terraces and discos. Calvi was inhabited in the past by the Romans and the local population still cherishes a fondness for Italy, which in some places is still very noticeable. A plaque on a ruin ruins tells that Calvi was the birthplace of Columbus. “Calvi is a Pearl, especially when you see it from the sea. The place is somewhat mundane, with its busy port full of luxury yachts and is also clearly more expensive than the rest of Corsica“.



Algajola is located on the northwest coast of Corsica, between Calvi and Ile Rousse. The best bars, restaurants and shops are in the central part of this authentic village. Algajola has a castle with views of the sea, but the Castle has been around for some time in private property and thereby no longer accessible to the public. From Algajola you can walk to the caps Corbara, Pigna and the medieval Cap Saint Antonino. If you can, the protected regional park (underwater) Scandola visits. ” One of the nicer small places in this region of Corsica. The restaurants are fine and there are beautiful places to see the sunset.

St. Florent

Saint Florent is a coastal town in Northern Corsica and
is located in a beautiful Bay (the Gulf of Saint Florent) sandwiched between the mountains of Cap Corse, the Monte Asto and the hills of the Desert des Agriates. It used to be a notorious Roman Saint Florent. Today it is a luxurious resort with perhaps the most beautiful Marina in the whole of Corsica, characterized by large yachts, trendy shops, many terraces and celebrities that their boat here. According to insiders is ’ Saint-Flo ’ for 50 years hip. In addition, the most beautiful beaches are only accessible by boat, allowing a lot of privacy. “

Porto Vecchio

Porto-Vecchio, literally: “old port”, is a bath-and port in the Southeast Corsica. The town of in the Bay is surrounded by beaches and holiday accommodations such as campsites, apartments, holiday houses and villas. Of restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs also. Near Porto Vecchio is particularly nature rich with swamps, salt pans (where salt is won out), vineyards and Woods. “Porto Vecchio is a nice starting point for a beach and hiking holiday.”